Capitol Reef National Park

After our super fun Utah State Park stay, we headed to Torrey, UT where we will be visiting Capitol Reef National Park. We picked out an awesome BLM spot to boondock our first night. We had so much fun spending the afternoon reading magazines and enjoyed the amazing views. Unfortunately, there was no internet there or we would have stayed all week!

Amazing Utah Boondocking
Amazing free campsite. We spent the afternoon enjoying it and relaxing!

The next morning we checked in to the RV park we reserved for the week and luckily they had good WIFI. We have two hotspots so we haven’t had to rely on park WIFI in a long time (not since Terlingua, TX), but we did this week! Thank goodness they had a strong enough signal for us to work with no problems.

Capitol Reef Visit 1

After work on Monday, we drove in to the park for our first visit. We went to Panorama Point, Goosenecks and Sunset Point. We had a great time exploring these overlooks and getting familiar with the park. The sunset was nice too!

Goosenecks Point Capitol Reef National Park
Goosenecks Point

Tiny Torrey

There isn’t much to Torrey – the main appeal is Capitol Reef National Park. We are so glad we stocked up on groceries before arriving. Torrey doesn’t even have a grocery store! I mailed my mom’s birthday present from here and even the post office closes at 1:30. AND it is cash only! Thank goodness for the emergency $20 we keep in the Jeep! While there aren’t many stores, there is beautiful scenery and super green grass all around.

Biking through Capitol Reef

After work on Tuesday Austin took advantage of the super nice basketball goal in the park. On Wednesday we decided on a lunch time park exploration adventure. Our bike adventure on the scenic drive in Canyonlands was so much fun so we decided to do the same thing here. We parked at the Historic Gifford House and set off on our 20 mile ride through the park. We had a blast biking through the park and taking in all of the sights!

Historic Gifford House in Capitol Reef

After the bike ride, we went straight to the Gifford House where we bought some ice cream to go with our famous Gifford House pie and enjoyed both immensely. We actually bought the pie before the bike ride because we hear that the pies sell out quite often. I wanted to make sure i could pick my flavor! I chose mixed berry and was really happy with it! The ice cream is really good too – it is homemade just like the pies!

Cohab Canyon Hike

On Thursday after work we went back into the park for another hike. We decided to hike Cohab Canyon one way so we parked near the Gifford house again and rode our bikes to the Hickman Bridge trailhead. We left our bikes and started our hike. Supposedly, polygamists hid their many wives in Cohab (short for cohabitation) Canyon when the law enforcement officials were visiting to enforce the Edmunds Act which banned polygamy. Interesting! This was a pretty hike through the canyon and we descended back into the main part of the park.

Cohab Canyon Capitol Reef National Park

Hickman Bridge Hike

On our last day, we decided to once again head into the park after work. Ideally we would have a whole weekend to explore every destination we visit. However, there are only so many weekends a year so some weeks we simply take advantage of the evenings after work! We decided to hike to Hickman Bridge – a natural bridge that is 133 feet wide and 125 high. It was awesome! It isn’t a super long hike, but that was ok with us after an adventure filled week. After Hickman, we checked out a few petroglyph panels and saw several deer checking out the orchards before heading back to our campground to make dinner and get packed up for travel the next day.

Gorgeous view on Hickman Bridge Hike
Gorgeous view on Hickman Bridge Hike

Capitol Reef Orchards

One last note – the National Park maintains orchards that were planted in 1880. The NPS opens up the orchards for the public throughout the year as the fruit is ready. Sadly we missed the apricots by a week and were a little too early for peaches. Oh well! Next time we visit we can hopefully pick some fruit in the orchards! If you ever visit during harvest season, be sure to call the park’s orchard information line for updates!

Another hike in Capitol Reef National Park – it was so pretty!

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