Buescher State Park

Buescher State Park Sunset Picnic

We arrived at Buescher State Park with my new road bike ready to ride. We decided to stay at Buescher for several reasons: the location, the biking possibilities, and the fact that it was a state park.


We are making our way to Austin, TX (where we will fly back to South Carolina to celebrate Austin’s dad’s 70th birthday) and Buescher State Park is almost exactly halfway between Stephen F. Austin State Park and Austin. Buescher is right by another state park – Bastrop. The two are connected by an 11 mile road. The park gets good reviews even though the area was destroyed by a fire in 2015. It seems to be coming back nicely!

Buescher State Park sunset
Amazing sunset in a gorgeous area

Buescher Biking Possibilities

The 11 mile road that connects the two parks is a popular cycling route. With good reason! The road had very little traffic and it was beautiful! We rode the very hilly route twice during our three day stay. The hills were pretty tough (17% grade+ at times), but it was the perfect place for me to get comfortable with my new bike and get a better grip on shifting gears. For our third bike ride in the area we drove to town and rode on flatter roads. This was gorgeous too! We left from Smithville and rode along the Colorado River. It was my first 20 mile ride ever. My legs were jello after, but I did it!

Buescher State Park sunset picnic
Sunset picnic with our Magnalite pot compliments of our new friends in Louisiana

During one of our afternoon rides in the park, we noticed several scenic overlooks. We took full advantage of these! One evening we went up to watch the sunset. We enjoyed it so much, that the next evening we went back up there and took everything we needed to make dinner. We had a sunset picnic from a gorgeous overlook! No complaints here!

Texas Bluebonnets

Not only were the sunsets amazing, the bluebonnets were in full bloom all around the area! We have heard so much about the Texas bluebonnets and are definitely beginning to see why. These gorgeous wildflowers are everywhere! It makes driving around way more pleasant when you have these gorgeous flowers everywhere to admire!

Texas State Parks Pass

While the convenient location and awesome biking possibilities were important, one of the best things is that Buescher is a state park and we purchased the annual Texas State Parks Pass. This is seriously one of the best things we have purchased since moving into the RV! It paid for itself by our first two State Park stays and has been helping us ever since. Texas State Parks charge a daily use fee per adult that the pass waives. In addition, your second night camping at any state park is half price. It’s an awesome pass that saved us a lot of money and encouraged us to visit as many state parks as possible!

If we are ever back in the area we will definitely stay at Buescher again. The small campground feel as well as the sunsets and bluebonnets made it a perfect backyard to explore for a few days. Not to mention, the bike ride that was so easily accessbile right from the Bounder!

Buescher State Park sunset

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