Buck Hall Recreation Area

We left Huntington Beach State Park and were headed back to Charleston, SC.  We noticed a campground halfway between the two and decided to make a reservation and check it out.  We stayed a week at Buck Hall and loved it!  The campground is right on the Intercoastal Waterway and had great views.  Once we got there, we used Google Earth to scope out the little islands around the campground and spotted a beach not far from the boat landing at the campground.  We put the kayak in and went to check it out.  Turns out, it was perfect!  We enjoyed exploring that day but planned to come back later in the week with our beach chairs and a cooler.

As we were kayaking back to the campground we spotted a few dolphins headed into a creek.  We followed them back in the creek (at a safe distance so not to spook them) while they fed for at least 20 minutes.  It was awesome!  Dolphin sightings never get old, but this one takes the cake for me!  I have never been that close to them nor have I seen them feed like this before.  We saw their tails up in the air as they rooted around in the marsh grass.  It was magical!

We got back to the campground from that awesome experience and I went crabbing on the fishing and crabbing dock in the campground.  It was a very successful afternoon.  We had  a delicious crab supper as a result of the afternoon’s work.

The internet was surprisingly great at the campground so we were able to have a very productive work week.  Austin had some great bike rides throughout the week (minus the dogs that kept getting after him).  Our planned beach day did not disappoint either!  We loaded the kayak down with our beach chairs and cooler and kayaked over to the spot we scouted earlier in the week.  We had a great day on this little island completely to ourselves.

The next night we had some friends come meet us for dinner at the wonderful T.W. Graham’s in historic McClellanville.  McClellanville is a super cute town and T.W. Graham’s is a great restaurant with delicious local seafood and excellent key lime pie.  It is exactly the type of restaurant that we hope to find all over the US on our adventure.

After our wonderful week at Buck Hall it was time to head back to James Island County Park (for the third time this summer) for our final week in Charleston as we tied up all of the remaining loose ends before leaving the Lowcountry for a while.  The Sewee Visitor Center is on the way to Charleston and we stopped by there to see the red wolves.  We happened to be there right after a feeding so we were able to see them a little more active than they would have been.  The parking lot has RV parking and the facility is really well done.  I definitely recommend stopping by!

Campground Review:

  • Awesome location on the water
  • Great cell phone service
  • Not tons to do in the area if you don’t plan to get on the water
  • Bathrooms were disgusting

To note:  During shrimp baiting season (It lasts 60 days, beginning at noon on the last Friday on or before September 15) the campground is completely booked up every year.  Plan accordingly!


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