Bryce Canyon National Park

Due to bad internet at our awesome spot in Boulder, we got to the Bryce Canyon area a little earlier than we anticipated.  This was totally fine though!  We managed to find a great boondocking spot and loved being close to the park.

When we first got to Tom’s Best Spring Road, we dropped the RV off and took the Jeep out to look for a campsite.  There are lots of roads in this area and you can camp off any of them.  However, some of the roads are really rough so we wouldn’t want to take the RV on those! We selected a spot and set up camp.

After we got set up, we finished the workday and relaxed.  After work we went on a Jeep ride, saw wildlife and enjoyed the beautiful area.

The following day we went into Bryce Canyon National Park for the first time to hike and check out the park.   It is absolutely stunning! We hiked Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop which is a very popular hike and we really enjoyed it!  It’s awesome being able to hike down into the canyon with all of the hoodoos surrounding you.  We finished our hike and stopped by Sunset Point for a gorgeous sunset before heading back to the coach. 

Bryce Canyon National Park hoodoos
Looking into Bryce Canyon

That night we were about to go to bed when we heard something that sounded like someone was RIGHT outside our coach.  Turns out, they were.  There was a car parking SO close to us- like, they weren’t in a spot – they were making their own and barely missing our Jeep.  Crazy!!  We have never experienced that before.  Luckily, they didn’t hit the Jeep!!

On Friday night after work, we explored the nearby Red Canyon area.  It was a really pretty and easy hike through beautiful scenery. A great way to end a week!

Red Rocks Hiking

We usually go for a longer hike, bike ride or some other activity on Saturdays and this weekend was no exception.  It was also the first weekend of college football so that was super exciting!!  We woke up early and went on a long hike (Fairyland Loop).  It ended at the lodge so we decided to eat lunch there before walking back to the Jeep.  We made it back to the RV in time to watch the Florida – Miami game.  It was a wonderful and relaxing afternoon!

Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

On Sunday we went back into Bryce Canyon to explore the scenic overlooks. There are so many amazing places to view the canyon. We didn’t stop at all of them, but we stopped at a lot of them! A tip I read before visiting that helped – drive to the end of the scenic road (Rainbow Point) first. Then, on your way back all of the viewpoints will be on your right. Lots easier than trying to make left-hand turns all day!

Bryce Canyon hoodoos
So many hoodoos!

When we hiked Red Canyon, we noticed some tunnels on the road and realized that when we leave the canyon, we will have to drive through them.  So, naturally, we wanted a picture of the RV driving through the tunnel.  I went ahead of Austin in the Jeep and took pictures of the RV coming through the tunnels!!  It was fun and we have some neat pictures of the RV as a result.  After the photo session, we hooked up the Jeep and drove on to our next destination!

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