Bozeman, MT

Our next stop was Bozeman, MT. I was excited to check out this town because I have heard a lot about it. I would say it is a super cool town that is definitely worth a visit! There had been a lot of wildfires so we did have hazy conditions, but it was still really pretty.

Wildire Haze

The first night we checked out main street for happy hour and we enjoyed that scene. We stayed at the Fairgrounds so it was nice and convenient to town. We woke up Saturday morning and decided to go get a cup of coffee. This broke my 2 year coffee hiatus and it was sooo good. We got back from getting coffee and were surprised to find that there was a farmers market at the Fairgrounds. It was an awesome farmers market with a great selection. We enjoyed checking it out and we stocked up on fresh produce.

Bozeman’s Triple Tree Hike

After the farmers market we headed out to get a hike in. As a result of the wildfires, a lot of the trails in the area were closed. Given the limited options, we decided to hike the Triple Tree Trail. It was a nice trail and still had somewhat of a view despite the haze from the fires. It was crazy though – we were at the top of the trail and there was another couple. Turns out they live in Charleston, SC (where we used to live)! We enjoyed chatting with them and talking about what a small world it is.

Storm Castle Cafe

After the hike we went out for lunch to a place Guy Fieri featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives – Storm Castle Cafe. It was really good too! We ran a few errands then headed back to the RV to watch football and relax the rest of the day.

What is that Noise?

This is when the most unpleasant part of our stay started. The Fairgrounds hosted a techno concert. It was horrible. The RV was literally shaking from the loudness of the music. Neighbors were coming over to the Fairground expressing their displeasure as well. We were pretty annoyed that the Fairgrounds didn’t tell us about the concert. At the same time that wasn’t super surprising because the staff at the Fairgrounds were super rude. It went on ALL day too. They did sound checks which carried right into the show. Oh, it was rough. As a result, we walked down to a nearby bar to watch football. There was no way to hear our TV or each other in the RV. So – if you ever plan to stay at the Fairgrounds make sure to check their event calendar and avoid the techno!

Urban Hike in Bozeman

Sunday morning we went on what we like to call an urban hike. Since so many trails were closed, we just explored all over Bozeman by foot – including the campus. We really enjoyed this too! We stopped for an amazing sushi lunch and then a brewery. The brewery we chose was Bozeman Brewing Company. I tried porter for the first time here and realized that I actually love a good porter!! We bought a six pack, but I wish we had brought more with us. The Plum Street Porter was a delicious beer!

All in all, we had a great time in Bozeman despite the super loud concert and rude staff at the Fairgrounds. Next time I will try to stay somewhere else – even though the location was convenient!

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