Boundary Oak Distillery

Before heading to the Bourbon capitol of Kentucky (Bardstown), we stopped off at a Harvest Host location for our first night with the program.  With Harvest Hosts, your annual fee allows free overnight parking at tons of different farms, wineries, museums and breweries all over the country.  Granted, there is the understanding you will spend at least $20 once you arrive.  This program sounds right down our alley and we were excited to try it out!

Great spot for the evening – we didn’t have to disconnect the Jeep

Luckily, we had no trouble finding Boundary Oak and they had a parking lot with plenty of space for us.  Even better – we didn’t have to disconnect the Jeep!  Boundary Oak is a super small distillery and the distiller himself walked us around and poured our tasting.  We really enjoyed the bourbon, but we did feel quite a bit of sales pressure so we ended up leaving with a bottle in addition to the tasting.  Oh well, we will certainly enjoy it!

There were only three of us on tour so we got a behind the scenes look

After the tasting, we walked down the road for dinner.  It was fun to explore a random area of Kentucky and have dinner out.  We returned to the RV as the sun was setting so we set up our chairs in front of the coach and watched the sun go down.

Prime sunset viewing spot

All in all, it was an enjoyable night and something totally different.  We are looking forward to checking out many other Harvest Host locations.  Now, off to Bardstown!

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