Boulder, Utah

After a week in Torrey we were excited to hit the road to Boulder! Our stationary month in Moab confirmed that we really like being on the move. We thought we would go to a popular boondocking spot but while I was looking at the map I saw another site nearby that looked better. It was a little tricker to get to but a lot more secluded and had awesome views.

Torrey doesn’t have much in town – not even a grocery store. We saw there was a farmer’s market in Boulder so we decided to make sure to get on the road in time to make it there. By the time we arrived (an hour before closing), there wasn’t much left at all. Also, there were only 3 stalls. So, unfortunately, the farmer’s market wasn’t necessarily a success. However, lunch was! We ate at an old bus turned street food stand and it was awesome! We loved our burritos made with local ingredients. Yum!

Magnolia's Street Food in Boulder, UT

After lunch we went back to the RV (after splitting a delicious brownie a la mode) to try to find a place to stay for a few nights. Turns out, the site that was described as a little trickier to get to wasn’t bad at all! After scoping it out in the Jeep, we realized the Bounder would make it with no problem. Thank goodness because the views are incredible. We talk about how we could never afford a house with views this amazing, but with RV life we get to live here for up to two weeks for free!! We settled in and enjoyed the afternoon relaxing and reading while enjoying the amazing scenery.

Our boondocking site in Boulder UT
Our wonderful site

The next morning we set off for adventures. The area is called the Grand Escalante Staircase Monument but the rangers in the visitor center joked it should be called Spooky or Pekaboo Gulch Monument because that’s all anyone wants to do when they visit. We were no exception. We headed toward the slot canyons first thing! Neither one of us have ever hiked in a slot canyon, but we were excited to check them out. These are cool because you can cut over from one canyon to the other in a big loop. We really prefer loops as to out and back trails so this is perfect. The canyons didn’t disappoint! We loved sliding through the canyons and taking in the dramatic scenery.

The rangers also strongly encouraged us to check out Devil’s Garden while we were out that way. We stopped by after our hike and were glad we did. Even after an adventurous and tiring day, we still walked around Devil’s Garden and enjoyed checking out the incredible variety of rock formations.

Devil's Garden near Boulder UT
Devil's Garden Arch in Boulder UT

After a full day of adventure, we were glad we had dinner plans and weren’t cooking. We had heard a lot of good things about a restaurant (Hell’s Backbone Grill) in Boulder so we decided to have a date night to check it out. We don’t eat out often, so it is a treat when we do. However, this place was off the charts delicious! We had a great time and a great meal before heading back to our secluded home for the night.

Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder , UT
Date night!

The next morning we attempted to start our work day but the internet was not reliable at all. We thought we would be okay when we tested it the evening before, but we were not. So, we drove to a nearby coffee house to work from there. Unfortunately, their internet wasn’t much better. We were able to get enough service for me to do my weekly call with my boss but that was about it. As soon as I finished my call, we headed back to the RV to sadly pack up and leave our amazing cliff side location.

Our site in Boulder Utah
Goodbye to our gorgeous view

We contemplated picking out a camp site between Boulder and our next destination but we decided to head on to a boondocking spot outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. We can’t wait to explore our 4th Utah National Park!

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