Bottomless Lakes State Park

Sometimes we end up going to random spots simply because of where they are located. Bottomless Lakes State Park is one of these spots. Our plan is to head to Santa Fe from Carlsbad, NM. However, the 4+ hour drive is a little more than we like to do in a day. So, we looked at the map and saw a state park on the way and decided to book it!

Busy Campground

Bottomless Lakes is a really interesting park. It has several lakes formed by sink holes. Also, it is hands down the busiest campground we have been to yet. Don’t get me wrong – we have been to some sold out super busy places (Edisto, James Island County Park, Anastasia, Henderson Beach, etc). However, this one has people in and out every day and night. All of the others that have been busy seem to have people there for a week at a time. Not here! We literally had a different neighbor every night of our seven day stay.

Bottomless Lakes State Park sink hole
One of the lakes formed by sink holes

New Friends at Bottomless Lakes

One of the many RVs arriving that Monday was a couple around our age from Florida. We enjoyed their company for two evenings and had a great time getting to know them and hearing their story. They have been living in their RV three days when we met! It’s so crazy how it seems like all of the sudden we are meeting so many more people in campgrounds around our age doing similar things to us. We plan to see them in a few weeks when we are in Gunnison and are looking forward to it already!

Bottomless Lakes sunset
One of the many amazing sunsets we enjoyed during our stay

Putting the Smoker to Use

As usual, we stopped at a grocery store on the way to the State Park to stock up for the week. This week we planned on using the smoker. Boy, did we use it! We had a 24 hour smoking session and ended up with smoked chicken quarters, a Boston butt and sausages. While the smoker was out, we even grilled quail my uncle gave us when we visited! We have been eating great this week!!

Aliens and UFOs

The main draw to this area is the alleged UFO landing that happened back in 1947. The entire town is alien-obsessed as a result. There is a UFO museum and little aliens all through downtown on signs, lampposts and more. We didn’t visit the museum, but if you are an alien lover this is the place for you! We were more at home at Bottomless Lakes!

General Delivery Fail

We did however visit the post office to pick up our General Delivery mail. We are pretty proud of ourselves for figuring this out and timing it properly. That is, until we went to the post office and they couldn’t find part of our delivery. The lady simply told us “she didn’t see it on the shelf”. Our Amazon app clearly told us our package was delivered. We finally got to the bottom of it and found out it was a UPS shipment and they took it back to the UPS facility instead of leaving it at the Post Office. Sigh. Lessons learned! I think we will stick to sending stuff to ourselves to campgrounds for now.

Bottomless Lakes State Park Site 22
Our home for the week – we really liked Site 22

Training Mode

We are only 10 or so days away from our big bike ride in Santa Fe. So, I need to do some training. Austin could do 50 miles in his sleep, but I am brand new to this sport. Luckily, this is a great place to ride. We did some mountain biking (where Austin came up on a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail!!) and some road riding (where I set my record for longest ride at 35 miles!). Next stop is Santa Fe where we will find out if that is enough to get me through 50 miles!

Cactus flowers in Bottomless Lakes State Park
Cactus flowers on our walk around the park

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