Black Mesa Winery and Taos…..or not

Since we were at a campground where we could receive mail, we had stuff delivered until the very last moment! Our checks had run out (we actually use checks now – some campgrounds only accept check/cash!) so we had some delivered. Of course they were a day late, so before we could head to Taos we checked out of our site and waited in the parking lot until they were delivered. Once they arrived, we hit the road!

Black Mesa Winery

We were heading toward Taos and planning to stop at a Harvest Hosts winery on the way – Black Mesa Winery. Luckily it was an uneventful drive with great scenery. We made it there with no problem and got checked in before heading back to the RV to finish the work day. After working we went in for a tasting. We honestly liked every wine we tried! They also make a cider they are known for and it is also delicious! We had a great time trying delicious wines before walking back to the RV to make dinner. It was a peaceful night.

Black Mesa Winery Harvest Host on the way to Taos
Great wines at Black Mesa Winery

On the Road to Taos

The next morning we left pretty early to head to Taos. Our first stop was the grocery store to stock up for the week. We didn’t have a campground booked, but we had our eye on a national forest campground that looked good. Unfortunately, the campground is a tent/van only campground and we won’t fit. So we drove on down to some BLM land we also thought looked pretty good. It probably would have been except there was so much snow we couldn’t tell! We drove the Jeep down and explored the road, but we really didn’t feel comfortable pulling the RV off the road into the snow in hopes of it being the right spot.

Taos Carson National Forest
Even though it was June, it was too snowy in the forest for us

Then we went on to Plan C – the casino parking lot. Most casinos let you park in their lots for free and this one is no exception. We let security know we were there and were trying to work, but the internet was being super slow and annoying. This led to the realization that sitting in a parking lot for a few days really wasn’t that appealing and that maybe we should just head on to Colorado – so we did! We ended up packing up from the parking lot and heading to the BLM land outside of Great Sand Dunes NP that we were planning on going to later in the week. We just got there a few days ahead of schedule!

Sacred White Shell Mountain BLM
Way better than a casino parking lot!

Sometimes everything goes super smoothly according to the plan and some days you end up trying 3 places before deciding to ditch the town altogether and move on. This was definitely one of those days.

Taos, we will be back to explore but this wasn’t the time for us.

Colorado welcome sign
Welcome to colorful Colorado!

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