Beck’s Harvest House and Couer d’Alene

Not only do we enjoy checking out different college campuses, but Austin has always been a bit fascinated with Mike Leach – the football coach at Washington State at the time (he is now at Mississippi State). So, when we saw that we were going to be driving by Pullman when we left Lewiston on our way to our next stop we obviously stopped for a few hours to have lunch and check out the campus.

Washington State Campus

You could tell that it was a lot quieter than usual due to Covid, but it was still super cool to see. We drove around campus and by the football field before heading downtown to find a spot to park the RV and walk around a bit. We had lunch, explored, then hit the road.

Beck’s Harvest House

Our destination was another Harvest Host farm – Beck’s Harvest House. We saw on the website that this one was having music and food trucks that afternoon so we were looking forward to that. We had a fun afternoon taking it all in, buying some fresh produce and enjoying the weather. At the end of the day we ended up chatting with the owners of the farm for quite a bit. They were heading to pick up their new RV the following morning! We had a good time getting to know them. The sunsets were really pretty and this was yet another Harvest Host farm that didn’t disappoint.

We are loving our outdoor office
In the evening after the farm closed, we had the place to ourselves!

Beck’s – Couer d’Alene

The drive to Coeur d’Alene took us through farming country. We really felt like we were living the lyric “amber waves of grain”! The drive was only about an hour which was nice since we were traveling on a work day. As soon as we parked, we set up our offices and got to work! We have both felt a little behind lately so we needed to have a productive week.

Amber waves of grain
More outdoor office time

Checking out Couer d’Alene

After three nights, we realized we still had not even seen the lake! So, we wrapped up work early that Friday night and went downtown to check it out. The lake was beautiful (whoops – forgot to take a picture!), but the area right around the lake seemed a little touristy to us. We kept driving/exploring and ended up at a bar in the midtown area that was a little more our speed.

Even though it was a quick stop, it was enough for us to see that this is a beautiful area and if we are in this part of the country again, we will definitely stop!

It’s always something! Here Austin is troubleshooting and fixing our hot water heater!

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