Bardstown: My Old Kentucky Home

Bourbon barrels

Two years ago we planned on taking a trip to Kentucky to visit the Bourbon Trail.  However, for one reason or another that trip didn’t happen.  It DID happen on our RV journey though!

We left Mammoth Cave and drove toward Bardstown.  Ask anyone and they will tell you that Bardstown is the place to be for all things Bourbon.  We absolutely agree.  We checked into the My Old Kentucky Home State Park with big plans for the week.  We both had a super productive work day and decided it was time for our first distillery.  Wouldn’t you know – the last tours at many distilleries are before 5:00!  Instead of visiting a distillery on our first day, we biked to downtown Bardstown and had a bourbon drink at Old Tabbott Tavern.  Supposedly there are bullet marks from Jesse James at this Inn.  It was really neat being in such an old tavern full of bourbon history.  We biked home during another gorgeous sunset.  We took a shortcut through the golf course on the way back only to find out that you aren’t supposed to have bikes on the golf course.  Oops!

Sunset bike ride home

The next day we started work a little early to be able to make it to a distillery before the last tour.  We set off for Willett.  We didn’t do an official tour with them, just a tasting.  And boy, was it good!  The grounds were gorgeous and the tasting was delicious.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  We left Willett and headed to Barton’s.  Their tour/tasting is free which is awesome!  We enjoyed learning about the bourbon and happened to be there when a truck was unloading its corn – cool to see!  This was a great experience and I highly recommend it if you are going to be in the area.

Gorgeous grounds at Willett Distillery
Truck unloading at Barton

The next day we finished working and headed to Maker’s Mark.  I was actually super excited for this one since it was the first bourbon I truly enjoyed.  However, we happened to be there on the day that the Bourbon Chase was there.  It was an absolute madhouse.  They weren’t doing normal tours or tastings.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  If you ever plan to visit Maker’s, make sure it’s not the weekend of a special event!

After the disappointing Maker’s stop, we headed to Limestone Distillery.  We were especially interested in visiting this distillery since our real estate agent gave us a bottle of their bourbon as a closing gift when we sold our house.  Turns out, this is one of our favorite distilleries we visited!  They have a bar where you can purchase a cocktail to enjoy while you tour the distillery.  It’s a smaller distillery so it was neat being able to see the process from start to finish on a smaller scale.  The tasting was one of the most generous we had and the guide, while a little much for us, was entertaining nonetheless.  It was awesome hearing the stories the guide told us during the tasting and getting to know the other people on our tour.

We loved our visit to Limestone Distillery

After a super fun week in Bardstown, it was time to pack up and head to Louisville!  Bardstown – I’m sure we will be back.

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