Austin, TX

I have wanted to visit Austin, TX for a while and I thought I would when we got engaged in 2014. How perfect would it be to go to Austin to celebrate marrying Austin!? However, time (as usual) slipped away and an Austin trip didn’t happen back then. Luckily we made a visit to Austin, TX happen in the RV!

After we left McKinney Falls, we headed to downtown Austin. The campground we reserved gets somewhat mixed reviews. Some say it is not that nice, but all say it is in great location which is why we booked it. We feel like we completely lucked out and couldn’t have been happier with the location or the park. We stayed at Pecan Grove RV Park off Barton Springs Road. It was easy to walk/bike/Bird to everything and we did just that.

There is so much to see and do in Austin. It’s hard to fit it all in – even if you are there for a whole week! Our first night in town we walked to a nearby brewery. We enjoyed chatting with people and getting some recommendations from one of the bartenders.

Dinner at El Alma in Austin
El Alma – one of the many restaurants recommended to us

Pecan Grove is also really close to an amazing walk/bike trail around the lake. Austin ran it some and we biked it as well. It was really nice being able to access such an awesome bike trail right from the campsite. We biked all around the lake and had a fantastic time!

Austin Food

Austin is one of those cities that has amazing happy hour deals every night. I did a lot of research and tried to figure out the best places for us to go. Usually we cook every night, but we figured we might as well try some of these amazing restaurants while in a foodie town. We had BBQ, sushi, Mexican, Italian and farm to table. We made the most of all of the great food options!

Chicken Fried Fish Head at Odd Duck - a great Austin restaurant
The chicken fried fish head. So good!

On our second night in Austin we met up with one of Austin’s friends (have we mentioned he biked from Canada to Mexico?! Well, he did. The friend that rode with him is who we met up with). It was great meeting him and his wife over dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. It is easy to see why they like it so much! We had great drinks and delicious tapas. We got bold and ordered their signature chicken fried fish head. I had no idea what to expect, but it was awesome! It sounds (and looks) weird, but we absolutely recommend it.

Texas BBQ

The BBQ is definitely worth further mentioning. We went to Terry Black’s and it was incredible. There was a line out the door, but we didn’t realize how long it actually was – it was deceiving! What looked like the place you would order ended up just being an outside bar. We finally snaked our way inside and to the counter. You order your sides first before heading over to the meat carving station. We ordered a bunch! We had a massive beef rib, brisket and sausage. It was all oh so good. We highly recommend this place for BBQ if you are in Austin.

Austin BBQ at Terry Black's
Check out the size of the beef rib

Friday night rolls around and we are exhausted. We decided not to go out to dinner, but we did ride our bikes down to Congress Street Bridge to watch the bats come out. The bats finally came out, but it wasn’t a super impressive showing for them (based on our opinion and the locals around us who had seen this before). Regardless, we still had a great time and loved being able to bike to things we wanted to do.

Congress Street bats
We were on land, but tons of people watched from kayaks

LBJ Library

Saturday was finally here, but unfortunately Austin was feeling a little under the weather. I really wanted to visit the Presidential Library in town, but Austin just wasn’t feeling up to it. So – I went alone while he watched the Clemson Spring Game (convenient time to “call in sick” wouldn’t you say?). It is really neat to see these libraries dedicated to our former presidents. There is so much I didn’t know about LBJ!

LBJ library
LBJ Presidential Library

After an amazing and busy week in Austin, we are headed to San Antonio. We are looking forward to visiting another popular Texas city!

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