Arches National Park

Since we’re in Moab for a whole month, we want to make sure we spend plenty of time in Arches National Park. However, we have to be selective with our visits because it is HOT!

Arches National Park

Arches National Park: First Visit

For our first visit in the park, we decided to take a picnic into the park after work. We put dinner together during our lunch break and left around 4 in order to make it before the visitor’s center closed. After getting stamps at the Arches National Park Visitor’s Center, we drove to Balanced Rock and did a short hike.

Then we drove to The Windows and did another short hike. At this point, we had been in the park for a couple of hours. We originally planned on eating around this time. However, it was still super hot and crowded. The Jeep is normally great, but the lack of air conditioning doesn’t give much relief either. We decided it was too hot to eat and took our picnic back to the RV. We ended up eating outside under the RV awning in our beach chairs.

Windows - Arches National Park

Sunset at Delicate Arch

For our second visit to the park, we went after work again but much later. This time, we planned to do a longer hike in cooler temperatures. We left around 7:15 and started our hike to Delicate Arch around 8. We had to hustle to make it up before sunset. The hike is only about 1.5 miles each way, but it is long enough that we didn’t expect many people on the trail. We were so wrong! When we reached Delicate Arch, there was a huge crowd. The large crowd wasn’t really a problem though. The sunset was spectacular, the temperature had cooled off, and everyone seemed to be really enjoying the atmosphere. Surprisingly enough, on both trips to the park, we seemed to be in the minority as Americans.

Arches National Park Sunset at Delicate Arch

Arches is kind of challenging to visit in July because of the heat but totally worth it. We’re looking forward to checking out our second national park in Moab, Canyonlands, next week.

Arches National Park

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