A.W. Marion State Park

We had our first Walmart parking lot night our first night in Ohio, but we had a really hard time deciding on places to stay after that. We were getting close to Halloween, and a lot of Ohio state parks had big Halloween weekends and their campgrounds were full. We finally settled on A.W. Marion State Park in Circleville, Ohio, and it was a nice stop even though it rained most of the time.

Walmart camping

We had a little adventure on the drive from Walmart to A.W. Marion. Our directions took us over a little mini mountain. It wasn’t high elevation, but it was really steep. The first road we tried to take had warnings for trucks about a 19% grade. We weren’t sure the Bounder was up for that, so we kept going to try another route. The second road we took didn’t have any warnings about a grade even though it probably ended up being about the same. We started down a road which looked like it would take us around the steep grade, but then I just happened to notice a sign for an 8′ bridge clearance ahead. I almost saw it in time for us to turn around, but we had gone a little too far to make the turn. We can’t back up with the Jeep connected, so we ended up having to disconnect our Jeep in the middle of the road. Everything worked out fine, and we did find out the Bounder can handle a steep grade, but it was a little stressful!

Well, this is a problem

For this part of our trip, we have been selecting campgrounds mainly based on cell signal and proximity to trails. It’s pretty awesome being able to ride mountain bike trails straight from the campsite. There is only one trail in the park, but it’s pretty good. I only got to ride it once because the rain started, but I would have ridden it more otherwise. It has some flowy parts to it, but some technical parts also – some of the creek crossings were kind of scary! Leigh hiked around the lake while I road the mountain bike trails, and we thought we’d run into each other at some point because the trails cross over each other at several points, but I never saw her. We both recorded on Strava, and it was pretty interesting to view the flyby afterward because we narrowly missed each other at several points.

The trail around the lake was really pretty

We had been hoping to see some fall foliage for the past month, but was delayed for most of October. We started to see some at Twin Knobs, but it was really beautiful at A.W. Marion.

Gorgeous fall day

In spite of the rain, we met some new friends here and had a good time hanging out around a rainy campfire. Saturday was especially nasty, but there were several good football games on, so it ended up being a nice day to just relax and watch football.

Our new friends took our picture before they left


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