A Month in One Spot

As we mentioned, we are spending a month in one spot for the first time.
We didn’t know how we would feel about it. It seems every RVer we meet has a different plan for how long they stay in one spot. A lot of that depends on whether they are working or not or have kids etc. Until now we typically stay a week in a place and that has worked well for us. Here is what we learned by spending a month somewhere!

Can you tell we like sunsets?

Budget Break

Staying in one spot for a month has been great for our budget. Campgrounds often offer monthly rates and this works out much cheaper per night than moving around a lot. In addition, we aren’t moving as much so our gas bill ended up being less than half of what we normally spend. This has been really nice after a month in Colorado spending more than usual with the more expensive campgrounds and fun activities.

We didn’t have to get gas for a whole month! We were especially proud this time we lined up both the Jeep AND the RV!

Plenty of Adventure Time

When you only have a week in an area, you feel that you have to make the most of every minute. It has been nice to be able to slow down and not feel as rushed to take it all in. We had a lot of adventures as well as plenty of time to relax and get things done that we have been postponing. You can read more about our adventures in Moab here, here and here.

a hike during our month in Moab
On one of our many Moab hiking adventures

Grocery Shopping

A HUGE plus that I didn’t think about ahead of time is that I finally know my way around the grocery store again. It has been awesome! When you shop in a different store every week it is hard to get familiar. Sure, some things are pretty much the same – the meat is almost always along the back wall, etc. However, every single grocery store has different things about it and it has been really nice knowing my way around one again. I even ran into someone I know (our friends we met in Salida that live here) at the grocery store!! That hasn’t happened in over a year!

The amazing secret waterfall our friends took us to

Gym Membership and a Haircut

Austin is an early riser so he gets up and gets his workout in before I am awake a lot of the time. I prefer to workout later in the day. To beat the heat, I joined a local gym that offers monthly memberships (and they were running a summer special!) and it has been so nice! I have loved being able to get back into my workout routine and have a gym membership again. I will definitely miss that once we move on.

Also, since we have friends here I was able to get a recommendation of a good place to get a haircut. I haven’t had a haircut since January when we were in Charleston and I am way overdue!! Austin even decided to get his hair cut while we are here too!

The La Sal Mountains in the distance

Park Politics

Staying in the same park for a month has a different side we didn’t expect. You get to know the staff quite a bit more. It’s almost like having neighbors again. People that know your business and see your coming and goings. In addition, little things that we usually don’t deal with are on our mind. For instance, watering the grass. The park staff turned on the sprinklers to water the grass while we were hiking one day. The sprinklers were on at FULL strength thus soaking our chairs, rug, shoes and anything else in the area. We definitely don’t think about things like this with our typical weekly stay.

We did love having these grills available for us to use during the month. An awesome perk!

Verdict on a Month Long Stay?

There are definitely some benefits to staying put for a month. However, we are both itching to hit the road again. For us, a month in one place is definitely too long! It has worked out well to be here for a month (Austin had a huge work project launch while we are here), but we don’t see ourselves making month long stays the new normal. We do have two weeks booked at Zion National Park – I wonder if we will feel that two weeks is too long as well?

The great sunset view from the park

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